The One Handbag Every Jetsetter Needs

Furla Play Metropolis

I visited Venice a few months back for the first time in more than a decade.  The city gets a bad rap (too crowded! too expensive! it smells!) but I find it endlessly charming in spite of these things.  Yes, there are massive crowds even in the off season, but I think they just add to the city's energy! And really, is there any thing better than sitting in St Mark's Square, eating gelato, and listening to live music?  I don't believe so. 

Italian Street Style Furla Play Metropolis

I was only there for 48 hours this time, but that was plenty of time to consume massive quantities of carbs and do some of the best shopping of my life.  I hadn't planned to shop, but I ended up finding so many unique pieces I just couldn't help it. Why does it always work like that? Whenever I go shopping with the intention of buying something, I NEVER find anything decent. On the flip side, if I really shouldn't be shopping, everything is amazing.  Does this happen to anyone else??

Fall Fashion Floral Coat

This coat is one of my favorite pieces. It is surprisingly versatile for a statement piece! There are so many colors that it matches with most things and I feel like it really makes an outfit look like something special, even when its just jeans and a tee. I found it in a local boutique that unfortunately doesn't have an online presence, they had so many amazing pieces, I'm sad I can't share them with all of you! 

Furla Play Metropolis

My absolute favorite find on the trip was thisbag from Furla, called the My Play Metropolis.  The brand took one of their best selling styles, the Metropolis, and made it totally customizable.  You can choose from 5 different colors for the body, and more than 20 different flaps.  

Furla My Play Metropolis Review

Several years ago, I remember an As Seen On Tv product that was a changeable handbag.  I loved the concept, but it look absolutely hideous.  There is no way I would have been caught dead wearing it.  The My Play Furla is a totally different story.  There are so many cute flaps I had a hard time choosing. I ended up with the three above and I wear all of them regularly.  There are buttons on the back of the bag that make it super easy to swap the flaps but the buttons aren't easily noticeable either.  I get so many complements on this bag and people are always shocked when I show them how functional it is.

My Play Furla Metropolis Review

I'm a chronic over packer, but I've really been trying to fix that and this bag is a major help. The customizable flaps ensure I always have a bag that complements my look, without overcrowding my suitcase, making it the perfect addition to every jetsetter's wardrobe. :)

Fall Fashion for Blondes

Customize your own bag by clicking the link below!