VC Tries...Eyelash Extensions


A CoverGirl Study revealed that 50% of women  would choose mascara if they could only use one beauty product for the rest of their lives. As an eyelash obsessive myself, I am totally with them, even if that makes me #basic. While I was lucky to be born with lashes that are naturally long and dark, they're also quite straight and not as full as I'd like to them be.  Over the years, I've tried dozens of different lash curlers, growth serums, and mascaras hoping to achieve Bardotesque lashes.  While I have come across some great products, there's always been one issue that I could never quite solve: smudging.  No matter how many concealers, primers, or waterproof mascaras I try, I simply can't avoid it.  My makeup will look amazing when I leave the house but within a hour, I'm left with full on panda eyes.  After years of carrying concealer and obsessively checking for signs of smudging, I decided it was time to try something new, eyelash extensions.


Eyelash extensions have been on my radar for years but I could never quite bring myself to try them because of the high price tag and the fear that they'd damage my real lashes.  I'd pretty much resigned myself to a lifetime of carrying concealer and constantly running to the bathroom for touch ups, until a few weeks ago when I met Jessica and Jenica from  Pretty in Pairs. We were on set shooting for Weddington Way and I could not. stop. staring. at their amazing lashes.  Long and lush with the perfect amount of curl, I had to know what they were using. Luckily for me, they were nice enough to let me in on their secret: eyelash extensions from Neva's Beauty on Lombard.  

I booked an appointment ASAP and had my own set of fabulous lashes that very week. The initial application took about 90 minutes, it was a long time to lay flat but a great excuse to pop in headphones and catch up on my favorite podcasts. You have to go in with no makeup or moisturizer as they can impact the staying power of the adhesive. Wait 48 hours after application before getting the lashes wet and you're good to go! They have to be refilled every 2-4 weeks, depending on how well you care for the them.  Apply makeup as you normally would, minus mascara, and be sure to use oil free makeup removers as some oils can loosen the adhesive. Prices range depending on where you go, because the eyes are such a sensitive area I recommend doing your research beforehand and only trusting a qualified professional.  Saving a few bucks is NOT worth losing your lashes, or worse. 

If you live in the Bay area, I highly recommend Neva's Beauty.  They have locations in the Marina and Nob Hill,  the initial application is $120.00 and fills are $60.00 but if you mention this post your first application is 20% off :) 

 You can see the full result of my lash extensions below, I've had them for 6 weeks now and could not be happier.  If you do try them out, be sure to take a photo and tag me on Instagram, I'd love to hear your thoughts!