Skin Salvation Acne Clinic, or how I FINALLY got clear skin

Skin Salvation Acne Clinic

Acne is just the worst, isn't it? It's just so in your face  because it's literally on your face, sitting there greeting every person you see throughout the day.  Yuck. 

After more than a decade with acne ( wasn't this stuff supposed to be left in high school??) I've gotten better at predicting when I'll break out and what will cause it.  For example, I know that that for  me, travel  is a HUGE trigger. The combination of airplane air, time changes, humidity, pollution, and lack of sleep all leave my skin a wreck and it usually takes a few weeks for things to get back to normal.  

After my trip to Qatar, my skin was particularly awful so I decided to check out Skin Salvation Acne Clinic, per a friend's recommendation.

image sourced via Skin Salvation 

image sourced via Skin Salvation 

I arrived for my first appointment and had no idea what to expect.  The clinic requires all new clients to undergo a consultation before booking any full treatments.  During this time, they perform a digital analysis of your skin, ask a series of questions about your lifestyle and habits, then provide recommendations for lifestyle changes to improve your overall clarity based on years of research. Unlike a spa, where they're focused on improving your skin through that individual treatment, Skin Salvation is committed to helping their clients achieve clear skin that lasts a lifetime, WITHOUT the use of prescription drugs. 

I liked the sound of that but was also pretty skeptical.  After all, this is the beauty industry we're talking about (aka a $445 billion market built on insecurity and false promises).  The staff was friendly and knowledgable but some of their recommendations seemed a little intense (cut out coffee, switch to acne safe makeup etc) or just  strange  and inconvenient (ice your face for 10 min every day, at morning and night).  So I purchased their product recommendations and booked my next treatment.  

The treatments vary based on each individual's skin situation but they generally consist of extractions, high frequency, and a chemical peel.  This is NOT your typical spa facial, it definitely hurts and my skin is usually red for the rest of the day so I've learned not to make plans for afterwards. 

After a few months using the products and going for treatments every 2-3 weeks, my skin was noticeably clearer. I began incorporating their other recommendations and was amazed at the results, (especially with icing, you should start that ASAP).  

Skin Salvation products

It's been 8 months now and my skin is the clearest its been since before I had acne.  Rather than going in every 2-3 weeks, I'm able to stretch it to every 4-6 weeks. I definitely still break out,  but the break outs are very predictable and only occur when I get overly confident and start slacking on my routine.

If you struggle with acne and live in the Bay area, I highly recommend paying them a visit.  If you live elsewhere but would like to give them a try, their products are available for purchase via their website.  The staff is incredibly helpful and I'm sure would be happy to provide recommendations for those who aren't able to have an in person consultation.