Does Kybella really work? The truth about the fat melting injectable


I first heard about Kybella in 2016 when Khloe Kardashian became the spokesperson for their "Chin up" campaign.  The ability to "melt" fat away with only an injection sounded AMAZING but since it was predominantly being used under the chin (an area where I don't need it quite yet) I didn't think twice about it until recently when  I visited Dr. Layton at Aesthetic Dermatology for a scar revision. 



A few years ago, I tripped in the bathroom of  Cafe Grey (my favorite lounge in Hong Kong, definitely check it out if you're there!) and ended up leaving with a pretty nasty gouge under my right butt cheek that bled like crazy and took months to heal.  After the scab, I was left with a nasty mark that was even visible in jeans and fitted dresses. I HATED it.  There were so many things in my closet I couldn't wear anymore because it honestly looked like a giant cellulite dimple!

Kybella Scar Revision

You can kind've see it in the photo above, the pattern of the tights make it difficult but it was definitely noticeable to others.

I waited forever to do something about it, hoping it would go away on its own.  When it didn't, I finally booked a consultation with Dr. Layton and was pleasantly surprised when she suggested Kybella as I'd thought I'd need a minor outpatient procedure.  She explained that with certain injuries, the trauma can cause a build up of fat that grows in a weird way, which is what had happened to me, making Kybella a great option.

I said ok to the procedure, a nurse numbed the area, then she immediately got to work injecting it into the scar.  Kybella requires several injections over the treatment area so while I didn't feel a lot, it does take a while and I got lightheaded at one point.  After the treatment, the area swelled like crazy.  For the next few days it looked far worse than it had before but it didn't hurt. They say it takes 4-6 weeks to see results and many people have to go in for multiple treatments but I noticed dramatic results within 3 weeks of treatment. 

If you are considering Kybella (or ANY cosmetic procedure) make sure you only see a trained Dr as results can vary widely based on the experience of the person injecting it.  A single vial of Kybella ranges from $1200-1800, most people need around 3 vials to achieve their desired results.  I've done one so far which significantly improved the area but will probably go in for one more to make it perfect. 

Thank to you Dr. Layton and Aesthetic Dermatology for all of your help!

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