I tried it! Khloe Kardashian's denim line Good American

Good American Denim Review

I have a not so secret appreciation for the Kardashians (Kris and Kim are my favorites). Say what you will, but I find them to be refreshingly authentic, intelligent, innovative, and incredibly hard working, not to mention entertaining!  I really love what they've done for the body positivity movement.  We're all built differently and many of us will never fit into the "ideal" no matter how hard we try to. 

There's no doubt about it that Khloe has really been at the forefront of the movement which is why I was so excited to review her denim line, Good American.  It's a premium denim line in sizes 0-24, made in the USA (of course!) specifically for women with curves.

I think we can all agree that shopping for jeans is a huge pain. My waist is very small in comparison to my hips and butt, so jeans that fit throughout that area always end up gaping at the waist.  Apparently I'm not the only one because this is specifically the problem Khloe set out to solve. 

Good American Denim review

I did some research online before ordering and found out that there is a bit of a discrepancy in sizing, some reviews said they ran large while others said they ran small. Personally, I have bottoms that range in size from 0-8, with most falling solidly at a size 4 (27) so that's what I ordered. The jeans come in three different styles: Good Legs ( slim fit, with hip and leg sculpting technology), Good Waist (butt lifting high rise style with corset like slimming), and Good Cuts (skinny boyfriend fit with slim thigh and straight leg). 

If you're looking for a classic pair of jeans, Good American probably isn't the brand for you.  While there are a few neutral options, most styles have a unique wash, stitching, or other embellishment.  Perfect for those of us who are little extra extra. 

I ordered one of each style.  Of the three, I found the Good Legs style to be the most flattering. 

Good American denim review

The fabric was stretchy but still felt and looked like jeans, rather than jeggings. I found the sizing to be pretty accurate, running sightly large. When these photos were taken, I was at the thicker end of my weight fluctuation range and the jeans fit well but could still have taken a smaller size.  Now that I'm leaner, the jeans are a bit too loose.  I'd advise choosing a pair that is as tight as possible but that you can still fit into as that will probably be the best size over time. 

Overall I loved the wash, the denim felt high quality, and I was a big fan of the high waisted fit.  The style I tried was slightly darker on the thighs below the butt, which really emphasizes the butt (no surprise there).  If you're shopping at GA, you probably don't need any assistance in that area but I did get a ton of complements on my butt while wearing these so I'll take it. 

Good American Denim Review

As a side note, I didn't intend to use use these images for review.  I was in the studio shooting some unrelated products and happened to be wearing them.  They're a product I'd been curious about for a long time so I thought shared my thoughts.  Overall, I do like the line.  That being said, I still experienced the dreaded waist gap when wearing these.  Perhaps I really needed to size down and that would solve the issue but I also don't want them to be too tight in the legs.  Overall though, I am pleased with the product and would definitely try Good American denim again.