Why I decided to chuck my deodorant and #GONATIVE


Did you know that the European Union has banned over 1300 known toxic ingredients from use in cosmetics and household products (with even further regulations on 500 of those) while the US has only banned 11. Pretty crazy, right? Especially considering many of these are backed up by extensive medical studies. 

The US cosmetic industry is wildly unregulated which means its up to us as consumers to make informed decisions about what we're putting on our bodies. If this sounds absurd to you, I get it. When I first started reading about these things, I thought they sounded a bit crunchy and  conspiracy theorist-ish and I am definitely pro science.  I couldn't fathom the idea that our government would allow harmful ingredients into our products but then I started thinking and realized that new information is always being discovered and it can take regulation a while to catch up. 

Which brings us to now. Options for non-toxic  products have expanded significantly in the last few years are now available in main stream stores like Target and Neiman Marcus, instead of just your local health food store. That being said, not all of these products are as effective as the products we are used to using so it can take a while to find a great product. 

I've had a bit of success finding non-toxic skincare products but one product that was exceptionally difficult to replace was deodorant. 

Because deodorant is applied frequently and on skin near the breast, there have been links to breast cancer and Alzheimer's.  Scary, right? On top of that, as gross as it is, we are human and we supposed to sweat.  Most deodorants/antiperspirants contain aluminum which acts as a plug to prevent us from doing that. 

So I tried every natural deodorant I could find, and none of them worked for more than a few hours.  It was sooo frustrating.  Because I want to be healthy but who wants to smell, right? 

Then I found Native Deodorant and everything changed. Native is free from aluminum and parabens, plus its loaded  with good for your ingredients like probiotics and coconut oil.  The best part is that it works even better than the deodorants I was using before (Secret and Degree).

By the way, this is not sponsored in any way. My mom read an article about the founder, knew I'd been struggling to find a product that actually works, and suggested I try it.  I fell in love with it so wanted to share it with all of you who may be facing the same struggle. 

You can subscribe at https://www.nativecos.com and try it for yourself! They come in several different scents but my personal favorite is Coconut & Vanilla :)

One last thing I love about Native ( because I'm a geek and I LOVE hearing stories about how people built their companies)  is that they only raised $500,000 but were able to build the brand with a small team almost entirely through social media and sell it to Proctor & Gamble 2.5  years after launch for $100 Million.   Pretty impressive, isn't?