A visit to Dangene for the world's most expensive facial


A few years ago my skin was bad. Really, really bad. It was covered in bumps ( closed comedones) which never really got worse but never got better and were visible even with makeup. I was so frustrated I ended up spending all of my disposable income and then some on facials and skin products that never worked.  It got particularly bad when on a trip to Sri Lanka when, after forgetting to pack my usual regimen, I purchased a travel kits from Clarins that really freaked out my skin (it was wayyy to heavy for someone my age especially for use in a tropical climate).  It was that point that a friend suggested I visit Dangene: The Institute of Skinovation. 

The reviews were amazing ( this one in particular ) but at $1500 per session this wasn't a decision to take lightly. But I was desperate.  Because the thing about your skin is that its visible to people all day everyday, and if you don't take care of it now, its going to cost you way more to fix it later in life so I'd rather spend money fixing my skin than on just about anything else. I decided to give it a try. 

Review of Dangene Skinnovation

I arrived to the Institute of Skinnovation (located in the uber chic CORE: club in Midtown) skeptical but desperate. The staff was welcoming and immediately put me at ease.  I quickly realized that this was not going to be anything like the facials I'd experienced, at Dangene they mean business.

I stripped down to a towel so that they could evaluate and treat my skin from head to toe.  They asked extensive questions about my lifestyle, medical history, and heritage (these all impact how your skin reacts to treatments) then got started.  They focused heavily on extractions (I've had extractions before but never so many) before doing a light therapy treatment and ending with a chemical peel.  I peeled heavily for several days but my skin was completely clear for months after the treatment, something that hadn't happened in years despite weekly facials and tons of money spent on every new product that promised to work. 

Even still, $1500 is a lot for a facial. But the truth is that the experience isn't actually a facial, there's no word to describe it and facial is simply the word that comest closest to it. At any other spa (I hate to use that term because Dangene is so much more than spa) you'll receive the treatment you signed up for and nothing more.  At Dangene, you'll receive whatever treatments your skin needs in the moment, and its all included in the session price (on my last visit, they zapped several age spots in addition to the chemical peel, which would have added hundreds to my bill anywhere else.) On top of that, the price per session drops to almost half when you buy a package.  And, all recommended products are given to you during your first session (this easily adds up to several hundred dollars). 

*I started on the Obagi NuDerm regimen with the LED Lightstem which was a great start to clearing my acne permanently

While it isn't something that can be indulged in very often, it's great as a tune up 1-2x per year. 

If you aren't ready to take the plunge just yet, I highly recommend checking out Dangene's blog as she is incredibly knowledgable and it is a great start to implementing her expertise into your daily life.