You glow girl, a highlighter for every occasion

Highlighters for every occasion

I don't care who you are, or what your skintype is, EVERYONE needs a highlighter.  Skin naturally loses moisture as it ages so anything matte is associated with maturity, where as dewy/hydrated skin is associated with youth. Not to mention, a glowy finish is great for concealing any imperfections/scarring AND emphasizes your cheekbones. What's not to like?

That being said, it is absolutely IMPERATIVE  that you choose the right formula for the occasion less you end up looking shinier than a disco ball. 

too much highlighter.png

So how do you choose? This comes down mainly to two things: skintone and occasion.

The difference between a chic subtle glow and WOAH that's highlighter comes in finding a shade that's appropriate for your skin tone. For example, Benefit's High Beam Highlighter, which is a pale pink silvery shade, looks natural on super fair cool skin tones but really stands out on warmer or darker skin tones. The ideal shade looks like a metallic version of your natural coloring. 

Image via Colourpop

Image via Colourpop

See how different the same shades appear on these three skin tones? I would say the most flattering shade for the far left is "Freak Like Me", for the middle is "Bae Area" and while most of these shades work for the far right I think "Total Package", Velvet Rope", or "Happy Camper" are most suitable. 

Once you've found the right shade, its time to think about the occasion.  Occasion impacts your highlighter selection in two ways: intensity of highlight and environment. Highlighters in powder or creme stick form are more impactful and are best used for when a dramatic look is desired and they both work well in hot and humid environments. Liquid highlighter gives the most natural glow but is best suited for neutral to dry environments as it can "melt" off the face if its too humit out. 

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