5 beauty products to update your summer regimen

Summer Beauty Regimen Supergoop

The same way that cold weather can affect your skin in the winter months, the heat from the summer can bring a whole host of other beauty woes, these are my best ways to combat them.

Supergoop CC Cream

Increased Sun Exposure

When's the sun is out, so are we.  And usually wearing far less than we normally would.  Which means its extra important that we stay on top of our sun coverage because there's no such thing as a "good" tan. You should be wearing SPF everyday as it is (this one is my favorite) but I like to kick it up an extra notch during the summer months by switching my foundation for the Supergoop CC Cream with SPF 35. It's lightweight (way more comfortable and looks better in hot weather) and provides good coverage without sliding all over, I've even gone swimming with it and exited the water to find my makeup still looked great. Perfect for all kinds of summer adventures!

If you think you are good because your existing moisturizer/foundation already has SPF in it, think again. This is a great marketing ploy, but the amount of SPF required to sufficiently protect you throughout the day would greatly impact the application and appearance of a normal foundation. Supergoop, on the other hand, is a skincare/makeup line that puts SPF first. Are there products going to give you the same flawless finish as Nars Sheer Glow Foundation? Definitely. But they're easy to apply and will leave you looking better in the long run. In addition to the CC Cream, I also love their Invisible Setting powder.  It's great to throw in your purse and touch up your SPF later in the day, without messing up your makeup.

CC Cream | Invisible Setting Powder

Kate Sommerville Tanning Towelette

Pale Skin

For those of you that say "but I look so much healthier with a tan!", I get it.  I am naturally super pale,  to the point where my veins are always visible and people ask if I'm feeling ill on the days I forgo bronzer. Thankfully, there are a lot of safe alternatives to tanning available today. Airbrush tanning is incredible, (I go to the Benefit Boutique on Chestnut St when I have a big event) but for an everyday glow I love Kate Somerville's tanning towelettes. They are easy to apply yourself and don't have that gross fake banana smell that so many other tanning products have. St. Tropez tanning products are also good (natural looking color, no gross smell) but that's only if you are adept at applying them yourself or can find someone who is.  I am not, which is why I always reach for the Kate Somerville Towelettes instead, but you can give them a try if you are feeling ambitious. 

Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes


Flyaway Hair

Sun and saltwater can dry out hair, leaving it brassy and difficult to manage. Moroccanoil Perfect Defense spray protects hair from drying out or changing color and it works for all hair colors and textures. Summer is the time to embrace imperfection and messiness with your hair, so let it hair dry, throw in a few curls, and finish with Leonor Greyl Eclat Natural Styling Cream, which nourishes your hair, smells like summer, and smoothes away any hairs that aren't exactly where they need to be.

Perfect Defense Spray | Natural Styling Cream